Craft Beer Week “Beach to Bone” dinner with Driftwood Brewing


Last year I had the misfortune of being away for our brewmaster’s dinner during the 2011 Vancouver Craft Beer Week, so when I heard we were doing with Driftwood again this year, I was excited to say the least.   And not only will I be here for it; this time they’re putting me in charge!

These are the fun aspects of my new job as manager at Pourhouse.  I got to sit down with our chef and taste beer!  I sat in awe at how deftly JC chose what he was to cook with each pairing.  I’m always grateful to spend time with any professional in their field, to watch how easy they make things look is a delight that never ceases to amaze me.

So for this years beer feast I’m going to try and leave some things up to surprise, but leak a few teasers along the way.  From the VCBW website you know that we’re preparing four courses, paired with four beers, with the possibility of a mystery fifth beer.   That will remain a secret for now, but what I will say about dinner is this:

I’m sorry to all my vegetarian friends, but you’ll have to sit this one out.  While there will be plenty of veggies on the table to keep our mothers and doctors appeased, this is the Pourhouse after all.  Fresh, local, delicious meats are a part of what we do.  Also come with an open mind & an adventurous spirit…trust that we haven’t steered you wrong yet, and we won’t on May 22nd either.