Fall Is Upon Us!

And I for one am super excited. I know many don’t share my enthusiasm, but I love the grey and the rain and the fall flavours and cocktails and food and the holidays and everything.

Know what else I’m excited about? Our new fall cocktail menu. We just started it last Monday and it’s already off to a great start.  We have a range of great drinks, including some very unique combinations, and more fall-like flavours (read: apples and smoke).

Some of these drinks will only be around for a limited time as they feature products that are only available in BC for a limited time, so try to make it down and share this menu with us as soon as you can!

I hope to share each cocktail in a blog post about once a week to ensure that these drinks get their proverbial fifteen minutes… and of course to try and entice anyone who doesn’t make it down that often but likes us enough to see our social media. (We <3 you by the way).


First up is our top-seller so far, the “Silver Spur.” A simple twist on a whiskey sour, this delightful and tart little tipple is dangerously easy to drink. It combines Buffalo Trace bourbon with St. Germain elderflower liqueur, fresh lime juice, and Scrappy’s grapefruit bitters from Seattle. There are subtle complexities present with hints of mint, tree fruit like pear and peach, and some vanilla and caramel from the bourbon poking through.

The name is fitting, referencing the Lee Hazelwood song “Summer Wine” made famous by the version with Nancy Sinatra in 1967. Basically Lee rides into town with his badass silver spurs and gets easily seduced by Nancy, who offers him some of her “summer wine” (ahem). She asks him to take off his silver spurs and help her “pass the time.” As the story often goes, the next day he wakes up and she’s gone – along with his silver spurs – and he’s left with only a craving for more of her ‘summer wine.’

If you want to enjoy this tune in all its awesome Lee Hazelwood glory, here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=325jxJIJkJM

Maybe it’s about time you ride into Gastown, take off your silver spurs and pass the time?…