Boker’s Bitters

Well…. 6 months ago I had the brilliant scheme that I would produce Boker’s bitters (or a reasonable facsimile) for the opening of Pourhouse. Boker’s bitters were apparently the most commonly used cocktails bitters in North America before Angostura bitters took over. Now my reasoning for trying to recreate Boker’s was Pourhouse’s theme “turn of the century” or “golden age of cocktails”. This era was influenced by The 1887’s Jerry Thomas’s bar tending manual “how to mix drinks”. ? This book contains many recipes, but the most interesting are cocktails that still exist today such as the Manhattan and the Martinez. The “original” Manhattan uses Boker’s bitters so….. I was determined to re-create these classics in there original form. This project turned out to be more difficult than originally anticipated. After months of collecting the exotic ingredients and experimenting with different methods I have achieved a good re-creation of Boker’s bitters and awakened a new passion….Bitter’s fever is upon me. I am now obsessed with new flavor combinations and ideas from hibiscus, ginger and lime to Okanagan cherry and vanilla…. uh oh….here we go!8220_264822920093_679375093_8606999_7778029_n