• MurrayAid: the followup

    The last time I wrote on the subject, we had raised money and had nowhere to send it. And then it fell through a few cracks and has been sitting dormant.

    A recent discussion about what to do about Murray’s funds provided the obvious answer. What if this had happened to a friend of ours in Vancouver, or a co-worker? Luckily for us in this business, there’s more help than our already helpful medicare system. The BC Hospitality Foundation collects donations and hosts fundraisers for those in the hospitality field who are coping with medical bills or high expenses outside of medical or EI plans. They also build bursaries and scholarships for hospitality and culinary programs across the province.

    If something like what happened to Murray were to befall someone in British Columbia, the BCHF would be the ones who stepped in. So it’s them to whom we’re sending the cheque in the name of Murray Stenson. And it’s you who we have to thank.              thank you.

    And please visit their site to learn more about who they are and what they do by clicking the link below.