• Murray Stenson seen walking around town!

    Pourhouse would like to thank everyone who came in and had a Stenson during the last few months, wether you knew about our efforts on his behalf or you didn’t (and I spoke to a lot of people who were saddened, amazed, and delighted to hear of the story and our small part in it).  Since I posted my last piece, we sold 511 cocktails, which means you helped us raise over a thousand dollars to help Murray Stenson.  By the time we had counted the cash and tried to send it in it looked as though the doors were closed.  We have yet been unable to get the funds to MurrayAid, and from their most recent update it seems as though we might not.  Good news though, that means enough was raised, and Murray has been spotted walking about Seattle!  We’re trying to get through to see if our cheque can go personally, or if not, the plan B is to set up a grant or donate it to something relative in Murray’s name.

    There has also been some interest from abroad from those who can’t make it by to try one in person, that I share the recipe with you.  So I think I will.  Keeping in mind, your palate will differ from our barmen’s and that our (well researched) homemade Bokers bitters is one that doesn’t exist outside of Pourhouse (except in Brian Grant’s house).

    Stenson Cocktail

    1oz Bulleit

    1oz Calvados

    1oz Averna

    2 dash Bokers

    Happy stirring, and thanks again for helping us out.  I’ll do a final piece on where the loot finally ended up.