• (re)turn of the century: wine


    Connecting to the history of Gastown is what Pourhouse has been all about since its inception.  Drawing inspiration from the 100+-year-old building has proven to be almost bottomless.  To all of us involved, it has been interesting and exciting both in what we look to find, and in what’s found us.  The wine program has been no exception, it’s been a chance to find and rediscover a few things worth celebrating.  It’s also given me a closer look into how some of winemaking’s history is coming back and shaping it’s future.

    There are things I keep coming back to, or that keep circling round and recurring when it comes to Pourhouse, and forgive me; I have to digress for a moment here.  Our inspiration draws from the specific location and its specific, as well as general history, and everything that spirals out from that.  1908 Gastown.  Turn-of-the-century North America. Neighborhood.  Local.  Elegance in both plain and fancy.  Honesty.  Quality.  Hands-on.  These things all seem to keep popping up and relating, no matter where I look.  It reminds me of how fractals, those beautiful mathematical designs, echo themselves as you magnify them, into infinity.

    Sorry, I just had to do it.  Back to wine. (more…)